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Better Living
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The Psychology
of Performance
Course Guidebook
Eddie O’Connor, Ph.D.
Clinical Sport Psychologist
How to Be Your Best in Life
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Eddie O’Connor, Ph.D.
Clinical Sport Psychologist
ddie O’Connor speaks professionally and consults as a clinical
sport psychologist, helping athletes, teams, and organizations
improve performance by developing mental toughness
and overcoming performance barriers. He received his B.A. in
Psychology from Binghamton University and his Ph.D. in Clinical
Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Dr. O’Connor’s
clinical emphasis was in the disorders and issues that athletes most
frequently experience, particularly pain and injury rehabilitation.
He did postdoctoral training at the Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic of
Chicago while simultaneously completing requirements to become a
certified consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.
Dr. O’Connor is a member of the United States Olympic Committee’s
Sport Psychology Registry, a resource for Olympic athletes and
coaches searching for qualified sport psychology consultants across
the country.
From 2000 through 2015, Dr. O’Connor was the director and chief
psychologist of the Pain Center at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation
Hospital, leading a multidisciplinary team of physicians, therapists,
and psychologists in the behavioral treatment of chronic pain. At
the same time, he developed his sport psychology practice and
founded the Performance Excellence Center, treating athletes with
performance anxiety and other clinical issues as well as consulting
with teams and organizations for performance enhancement.
Dr. O’Connor joined a small group of colleagues to create the Sport
Psychology Expo following the 2009 Association for Applied Sport
Psychology (AASP) conference, a showcase of the best consultants
providing sport psychology education to athletes, coaches, and
parents. In 2010, he was granted fellow status in the organization.
Professional organizations in which Dr. O’Connor holds memberships
include the AASP and the American Psychological Association
Division 47: Society for Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology.
He is also a charter member of the Association for Contextual
Behavioral Science. Dr. O’Connor has authored and coauthored
several articles and chapters on sport injury and rehabilitation in
texts and books such as
Principles and Practice of Primary Care
Sports Medicine; Applying Sport Psychology: Four Perspectives;
SportEX Health;
SportEX Medicine.
He also has research articles
published in journals such as
The Sport Psychologist,
Journal of
Sport & Social Issues,
and the
Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.
With more than 350 media appearances and speaking engagements,
Dr. O’Connor enjoys bringing lessons of excellence to the public
and large groups. He is a regular guest on FOX 17 TV in Grand
Rapids, Michigan. Dr. O’Connor has presented to and consulted
with numerous high school, club, collegiate, and professional teams
Professor Biography
and organizations, including USA Gymnastics, the American College
of Sports Medicine, Sportpartners USA, the Michigan High School
Tennis Coaches Association, and the West Michigan Youth Soccer
Follow Dr. O’Connor on social media (Instagram and Twitter:
@SportsDrEddie; Facebook: @DrEddieOConnor) and use
#mtin60sec to watch his “Mental Toughness in 60 Seconds” videos.
The Psychology of Performance: How to Be Your Best in Life
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