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What tales of endurance
On every page there are Soviet
the very last bullet, pressing home suicidal attacks. Nineteen
thousand Soviet soldiers died for every day of the war.'
Richard Overy, Sunday Telegraph
Copley Square
Boston, MA 02116
Albert Axell has interviewed fridre than 30 of Stalin’s generals over the
past 25 years. In Moscow4he also met Rus$ia3vw°men Pilots who flew a
thousand missions at night over German-Nazi lines. During the late
Brezhnev and early Gorbachev years he covered the Cold War from
Moscow. The author of books on Russia, Japan, China and Mongolia,
he makes his home in London.
Praise for Russia's Heroes
“The author of this valuable book belongs to a new generation of experts
making use of previously inaccessible archives and the last surviving
participants in the Nazi-Soviet War. This original and highly recommended
book gives a wholly accurate picture of the great events of 1941-45 on the
Eastern Front, while underlining the decisive role of heroes and heroism in
the struggle against the Nazi hordes’.
Oleg A. Rzheshevsky, President, Russian Association of WWII Historians
“Evidence is culled from legions of Soviet memoirs, but above all from
interviews he conducted with veterans over the past 25 years. The result is a
haunting and evocative portrait of life and death on the Eastern Front.
Rirchard Overy, Daily Telegraph
“A cracking read ... it gave me a great deal of pleasure.
Robert Service, Professor of Russian Studies, University of Oxford
“While there are books that say something about individual heroic exploits
with a section of the war . . . none so thoroughly examines the subject over
the whole canvas of the Soviet-German war.
Robert Johnston, Library Journal
“Engrossing ...”
Robin Buss, Financial Times
“A unique achievement . . . authoritative . . . indispensable reading.
Martin McCauley, Russian expert and author
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