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The Art of The MIND DOLL
By Talmadge harper
Copyright @ 2013 all rights reserved.
“A Mind doll is a fully tactile hallucination that you can experience
in the waking state. This hallucination is in the form of a beautiful
woman and you can hear, see, touch, smell her just like you would a
real woman. In fact it’s so real, that many people believe a prank is
being played on them and the hallucination is in fact a real person.
You may think you know what I’m talking about…but you have no
idea until you experience it for yourself.”
Talmadge Harper
Welcome to The Art of the Mind Doll. This manual is intended to give
the best Mind Doll formula that I am currently aware of. This formula is
designed to help you create Mind Dolls in other people and yourself. The
technique I am sharing with you is one of many techniques available,
however it is the technique that I find works the best. If interest in this
manual is substantial I will be posting future editions with other
techniques. However, the technique posted here is one that has never
failed to work for me. Any failures I’ve had in creating Mind dolls were
because I deviated from the technique you are about to discover.
Please keep in mind that like all technologies, they are constantly
evolving and what I say to you is not the fundamental beginning and end of
everything. You will most likely make additional discoveries as you
practice what I am about to share with you. This manual will keep things
straight and to the point. This book does not cover the theories of hypnosis.
There are plenty of books out there that already do that and I don’t see a
reason to add this knowledge as a form of cheap filler. I suggest you have a
basic understanding of hypnosis before reading this manual.
I am going to do my best to keep this manual short and to the point so
you can get started creating your Mind Doll Right away. I believe that
simplicity is key to any advanced technology.
Simplicity does not mean lack of power or effectiveness. Simplicity does
not convey the years of trial and error to discover an effective formula.
Penicillin is a remarkably powerful, effective, formula to treat infection.
This does not discount the years of struggle trying to discover it and the
frustration of not having it.
I am about to share with you a formula that is incredibly simple and
powerful, yet has taken me YEARS of trial and error, mistakes and pure
dumb luck to come across. I have to admit I was hesitant about creating
this manual because of what I had to go through to discover this. I believe
it’s important for you to understand how and why this works. If you are in
the process of creating your own Mind doll, you will understand the steps I
am putting you through. If you are creating a Mind doll for someone else,
you will know the fastest way to avoid pitfalls.
The first step to getting someone to experience a Mind Doll is by getting
the subject to experience state of DEEP somnambulism. Without the state
of deep somnambulism, experiencing a Mind Doll is impossible. I cannot
emphasize how vital it is for you or the person you are conditioning to be in
a state of somnambulism.
That being said, comes the next step of how do
you get someone into deep somnambulism. I have found that the Ultra
Depth Process of relaxation is a great way for conditioning.
If you listen everyday to an mp3 with a progressive relaxation
induction combined with an isochronic beat you will train your brain
within 1-2 weeks to enter deep somnambulistic states.
When this happens
you will find that you experience “black outs”.
Commonly people will
begin listening to an mp3 and black out 3-5 minutes into the mp3. These
same people then find that they wake up 60 minutes later when the
hypnotist in the recording tells them to. It is important that you
understand the blackouts are not you falling asleep in the recording. The
blackouts represent a sign that you are experiencing deep and immediate
somnambulism or states deeper than that.
Once the black outs start occurring you need to immediately switch to
mp3s that do not use isochronic tones. If you continue to use isochronic
tones after experiencing blackouts, you will most likely continue to go
deeper into the Coma and Eisdale States. Now there is nothing wrong with
going into these states, however they are not conducive for what it is we
would like to achieve in creating Mind Dolls for your brain.
Now here is where it gets really interesting, if you are listening to the
isochronic mp3s until you black out, you will condition yourself to the
voice on the mp3.
Plainly speaking, the voice on the mp3 will become a
hypnotic anchor that will instantly trigger a deep theta state.
I can
hear many of you out there having an “ah ha…” moment! In much the
same way a hypnotic trigger can anchor a return to somnambulism; the
voice of the hypnotist will do the exact same thing.
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