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Join now! Join now! Join now! Join now! Join now!
The best-established open protocol in industrial control
now has something new: The Modbus Organization!
Formed as a nonproit trade association,
has a single compelling mission: to help Modbus sup-
pliers, users and developers succeed.
How? Through a broad spectrum of activities giving
Modbus unprecedented visibility, and giving Modbus
stakeholders a forum in which to express their views
and answer their questions.
Check out these beneits of membership...
Your Modbus products are the solutions to the prob-
lems of Modbus users worldwide — we’ll help them
ind you through a visibility program including such
tools as:
Member listing on the website.
Product highlights in the Modbus newsletter and on
the web.
• Discounts on product conformance testing to prove
your commitment to open technologies.
• Exclusive opportunities for trade show participa-
tion .
• Opportunities to join the discussion as Modbus em-
braces new technologies .
• Participation in the Modbus Logo Program .
• Participation in the Modbus Speakers Bureau .
For a fraction of the cost of an advertising page, your
membership buys a year-long program of immersion in
the huge (and growing) Modbus community!
Integrators and Users
Your success is the key to our existence. Your mem-
bership in Modbus helps provide a myriad of open
technology beneits to your employees:
• Discounts on technical training programs .
• Visible support for a dynamic, resourceful User Fo-
rum .
Newsletters and other publications to keep you
aware of new developments and assist in your ap-
Consultant referral directory to bring together users
and experts.
• Guide the future of Modbus as part of our Technical
Committees .
Using open technologies doesn’t have to mean going
it alone — in fact, just the opposite. Join in with the
world of users and suppliers committed to open-proto-
col communications and reap the beneits today!
And there’s still more. Developers will ind specs and
source code waiting for them. Other organizations will
ind a willing partner to help map joint strategies. Catch
the Modbus buzz and join in today. Contact us at:
Modbus Organization
P.O. Box 628
Hopkinton, MA 01748
(508) 435-7170
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